We believe that everyone has a purpose that only they can accomplish. The church functions only when people understand their role in the mission and take ownership by serving in that role. It’s helpful to think of the church in terms of a battleship instead of a cruise ship. On cruise ships most people are just passengers that are along for the ride, they take their fill of anything that the ship offers and rest while a small number of people do the majority of the work. Battleships, on the other hand, have a completely different culture. If you are on a battleship, you have a vital role in the success of the mission. People don’t just buy a ticket to ride, they are chosen to serve. The same principle is true in the church, if you are a child of God He has chosen you, placed you in a local church (battleship), and given you a role in the mission. If you aren’t sure what your role is, we would love to help you discover how God has uniquely equipped you and get you plugged in as a crew member, not just a passenger.

We Are Crew Members, Not Passengers!



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